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Thank You... by jennyleigh

Thanks for all your support guys!! ^^

By the way... 61 views on the 27th of April (2011)???? *JAW DROP* I love you people!!! ^____^ XD



Flame and Fullmetal Watercolour by xXPharaohKissesXx
Flame and Fullmetal Watercolour
Another 2014 watercolour; this time of the Flame and Fullmetal Alchemist. I referenced one of the official photos from the first anime, I believe.... (Too long ago; cannot brain good. :P)

Fullmetal Alchemist (c) Hiromu Arakawa
PKMN Coup de Grace (Old) by xXPharaohKissesXx
PKMN Coup de Grace (Old)
Another old sketch from 2013 when I was writing a fanfic including my Pokemon OC, and my most favourite pokemon of all time. 

Seriously - when I was 5, I told my Mum that Mewtwo was my boyfriend. Go figure that I was still writing about him all those years later.

I just managed to hunt the following story excerpt down from an old USB so...... Yay. Context! I think the story was basically set during Mewtwo's time with Giovanni, and my OC was tasked with the role of taking care of the maintenance of Mewtwo's "enclosure". The two fast become friends..... and morbidity ensues, as per Mewtwo's fate.

(And I'm pretty sure I was writing a Uni essay on Richard III during this period too.... Clearly.)

*  *  *

 “Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York;
That I that am deformed, unfinished,

Have no delight to pass away the time,
And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover,
I am determinéd to prove a villain.”
(*This was from an abridged version of the play)

I paused briefly in my reading to leave the words hanging weightily in the air, letting their strange, pulsating rhythm enchant me as they always did. It also gave me the opportunity to take a glance away from the page and assess the reaction of my audience – the one, intriguing soul that listened ever so intently.

His face was a mask of concentration; eyes furrowed in deep, perhaps vexed, thought.

“I apologise, Mewtwo. Shakespearean language might have been too complex a start for our lessons. This may be a favourite of my mine, but I digress – a poor choice indeed!”

I ended my excuse with a light chuckle, hoping to lighten that troubled expression.


The Pokémon sat silently for a moment longer, watching the shifting pads of his right hand before looking from beyond the glass to acknowledge me.  “No, the words make sense to me.” Mewtwo began slowly. “Their composition is rather fascinating. But this Richard; you say he is the main character?”


“Yes, the third English King by that name, and who truly lived over five hundred years ago!” I exclaimed with gusto, waggling my finger knowledgeably. “Though this is a work of fiction, so the story has been warped for entertainment’s sake.”


“Nonetheless, he is evil? He destroys those he shares blood with to obtain his objectives.”


It was my turn to become quietly reflective, as I prudently contemplated my answer. “Putting it bluntly, yes, he is evil. And by making him the main character, we as the readers are given a taste of what it would be like to hold such malicious power – from the perspective of the wrongdoer. To be fair, this is an extremely vilified version of the true story. But that’s not quite what it’s about, anyway.”


Mewtwo’s gaze furrowed impossibly further. “Then what is it all supposed to mean? What is this story’s purpose?”


I didn't miss Mewtwo’s use of that strange, foreboding word he used so often; purpose. He seemed bewitched by it – as I was too, I presumed. Nevertheless, I continued on addressing the matter at hand. “Well…. I suppose its meaning exudes from the eye of the beholder, but I see it as an ode to human nature at its most basic form. It’s about how our decisions shape us, and how the capacity for evil resides in us all. It’s not always a pleasant notion to accept, but to move forward -to strive for goodness and greatness – one must come to terms with every fibre of their being. To understand our strengths and weaknesses, our failings, and use them to achieve the greater good. Sort of like Yin and Yang…. Oh you wouldn't know what that is yet, would you? To explain it simply, it’s the balance of the world and everything in it; the knowledge that seemingly opposite or contrary forces are actually interconnected. We need both hot and cold, summer and winter, and light and darkness to thrive. This goes for both humans and Pokémon – so we too are connected.” I took a deep breath, staring down at the verse before me with a sad gaze. What was it I was trying to say? Was I defending Richard; human nature? Defending my own actions whilst employed under Giovanni?  “As much as it has always perplexed me, it appears we need evil. For only in the face of evil do the powers of righteousness rise and fight back, and unify that which is usually divided. Necessary evil…. Perhaps that is why I agreed to wear this uniform.” I almost spat the latter, looking down at the red “R” on my chest with bitter contempt and ill-ease.


The cold warehouse fell into silence again. I could feel Mewtwo’s gaze upon me; those eyes were always assessing, calculating. In that moment I wished beyond anything that this fantastical, marvelous being had a better teacher and moral influence than I. He deserved the world and more – much more than I, a lowly criminal, could give him.


 “From the very beginning, Richard accepts his evil fate. Accepts the circumstances dealt to him.” Mewtwo ,formulating the words with careful precision. I nodded along slowly and said nothing, unsure of where Mewtwo was taking this vein of thought. It was a long time before he finally whispered.  “I am deformed and unfinished.”


My disastrous blunder laid clear and plain before me now. Too many parallels had been drawn.


“No, Mewtwo, that’s not…… I mean, I never meant…. Look, you are not evil. There’s not one evil bone in your body!”


“Bone?” Mewtwo asked, temporarily distracted from the crucial matter at hand.


I sighed in exasperation at myself and my continuing inability to evade human colloquialisms whilst talking to Mewtwo. “Yes, our bodies are made up of a skeleton that….. Oh never mind that now. Listen, Mewtwo…. We are not born evil. Even when we fall under poor circumstances, we never have to give in to evil. Even here, I have changed the outcomes of some of my missions—twisted solutions to give something back to those poor people Team Rocket have stolen from, and ensuring missions fail where I can. Even so, there’s not much hope for me now. But your life? Your life holds a much higher, extraordinary purpose than even I could imagine! Beyond this horrid, deformed organisation and out there, on this beautiful earth; your power has the potential to save millions, to bring long-lasting light to the world!”

Mewtwo was silent for some time before a small smile graced his alien face. “I…. like that purpose.”

“I have faith in you, my friend. And it is my dream to see your purpose fulfilled!”  I moved on before Mewtwo could say anymore, and to block the fragile tears threatening to spill from my eyes; an emotional act I had forsaken for several years. Shuffling through the pile at my feet, I picked up a new book with a grin washing over my face.

“Come now, let us move on.  Let me tell you a better tale; a story of a small fellow who faced great peril and experienced often the fierce temptation of evil, but chose goodness instead; When Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End announced that he would shortly be celebrating his eleventy-first birthday with a party of special magnificence, there was much talk and excitement in Hobbiton…..”

* * *

Pokemon (c) Nintendo, Game Freak, etc.
Story (c) Moi 

I Choose You, PKMN League (Old) by xXPharaohKissesXx
I Choose You, PKMN League (Old)
Found more old stuff in a folder that I thought I'd share.
This one's from about 2013; regarding my Pokemon OC and her team from her first shot at the Pokemon league.
I remember rushing it out in a couple of Uni lectures, so excuse the horrible proportions. Particularly on the girl.
Fun fun fun old times....l.
Valkyrie and Sayomi - Character Concept Sketch by xXPharaohKissesXx
Valkyrie and Sayomi - Character Concept Sketch
Again; old concept art for the novel I'm writing - and I mean SUPER rough. I think I did this in about 15 minutes? I was mainly looking at facial structures, anyway.

Valkyrie and her First Officer, Sayomi Amaya.

The story - set in the not-so-distant future of our modern world - centers around the mysterious figure of Valkyrie, a masked (though not in this particular sketch, clearly) woman with an equally masked past. She has innate knowledge of international affairs and political and military strategies, garnered from dark experiences. Now Valkyrie travels as a shadow around the globe, recruiting people and resources toward her grim cause. Her only goal? To unite mankind by destroying it completely.

Here are some very early quotes to help you get a feel of the story;

~ It was certainly not from the moment she met Valkyrie that Sayomi Amaya swore her undying allegiance; not even close. When the enigmatic woman took over the Arcadia Robotics Company and began her dubious affairs, Sayomi had planned to assassinate Valkyrie herself.

~ “Sayomi Amaya is under my employment; I alone am responsible for her.” Valkyrie declared calmly. Sayomi was about to sneer at the woman’s sense of ownership over her when, to her immense surprise, the strange foreigner added, “And I alone will endure her punishment.”

~ Sayomi had gasped in horror at the sight. She had expected soft, white, unblemished skin. She had expected she was about to watch a pallid, Western girl be broken beyond belief. But this woman…. She had known pain and suffering, for Valkyrie’s back was already mutilated in the extreme. Sayomi couldn’t tell if they were scars from the lashes of a whip, a knife, or something far worse. Covering her marred shoulders were two great black wings; strikingly poignant tattoos to reflect the title of their bearer.

~ “By my decree, I shall wipe the filth and darkness from the world. I am the rider of the night, the hand of righteous judgement, the chooser of the slain. I am Valkyrie.”

Characters and concept (c) me.



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"War does not determine who is right, but who is left...."
"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."
~Random Authors

"If one is not prepared to serve his country, does he truly belong to it?"


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Hey guys!

Basically I would like points to contibute further in benefiting the dA community - getting commissions, donating to others, etc etc and just generally getting my friends names out there!! ^^
(You guys are great, <3 you all!)

Don't feel you have to though, by any stretch of the imagination!! I don't want to guilt anyone into anything!! I can do writing/sketching commissions for points too, but I'll still do requests as always! :)

Many thanks again,

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So it's been forever.... I do so love coming back every once and a while and noticing that on one particular random day, my page has gone from something like 3 to 47 views.... my interweb self is amused. :P

I do still come on here as much as possible, mostly to favourite all the extraordinary work that you guys are producing. 

I draw and write all the time too! But you never see it because a) I still have no scanner for the sketches, and b) I never finish any of my stories. They get way too long and complicated. One day I will finish one and publish a book. Hopefully.

Here's a couple of links to my newer sketches on Facebook (again, with crappy mobile phone quality).……

Mostly, I wanted to write and check up on how you all are doing!! What's your part of the world like?! How's the weather, your family, the politics?! Oh, how I long to be it beautiful Europe again; to be caught in the swirling wonders of Germany, Austria, Italy or Romania (among my favourites)!!! Living in the capital of Australia has its perks, but also its sorrows, particularly being away from family.

I wish you all a most spectacular evening (for that is that current time in this crazy land down under).... :P


^ And oh lordy, I wish I could change my deviant name. My Gamer Tag is Valkyrie_Ace, which suits me quite nicely nowadays. 
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